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UPDATE 2013-04-18: More variables!

I’ve been playing around with the Mobile Device Management (MDM) software from Citrix.  Last year, Citrix purchased Zenprise and renamed it XenMobile.  Overall, it’s a pretty sold platform for managing iOS and Android devices.  However, it does have a few dark corners.  One of these is the use of variables in their configurations.  They are not documented very well.  This can make finding the right combination of variables for email setup difficult.  So I have created a list of the variables I have discovered and what they do.  As I discover more I will add to this list:$user.loginname = User Principle Name

TD Configuration Using loginname

TD Configuration Using loginname

The $user.loginname variable equals the UPN as found in Active Directory.  These normally look like John.Doe@us.fabrikam.com.  If you open a user object in Active Directory, the UPN is called the User Logon Name under the Account tab.

$user.username = pre-windows 2000 logon name

$user.netbiosname = shortened domain name

TD Configuration with username

TD Configuration Using username

These two variables will probably be used together.  They are normally used together within a Windows domain in the form of FAB\JDoe, where FAB is the shortened domain name and JDoe is the username.

${zdmserver.hostPath} = FQDN of your Device Manager serverThis one is pretty self-explanatory.  It’s just the fully qualified domain name of your server.  These are most often used in the enrollment invitation emails and SMS notifications.

device.TEL_NUMBER = Telephone number associated with a device

device.serialNumber = Serial number associated with a device

Again, these are pretty self-explanitory.  Also mostly used in the enrollment notifications.  They are most often seen together in the invitations as part of the expression ${firstnotnull(device.TEL_NUMBER,device.serialNumber)}.



These two variables are part of Compliance piece of XenMobile.  If a device is found to be in violation of a policy set within XenMobile, these variables can be configured in the notifications sent to the device when it is no longer in compliance.  These are the only two I know about, but it would be great if there were more.  These have the potential to give the user a very detailed message about why a particular device is out of compliance.

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