http-screenshot-html.nse version 1.1


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Latest version of the script is here:

I’ve been tweaking the http-screenshot-html.nse script from my last post.  I’ve added some features and modified some things:

  • Now outputs full HTML.  No after the fact processing needed.
  • Checks all ports for HTTP headers.  Just feed it a list of ports and it will test all of them to see if they are running a web server.  Warning: It will be SLOOOOOW if you are testing a bunch of ports.
  • It now overwrites an existing file.  Before, it just appended to the file if an existing file was there.
  • Modified the page for better layout and organization.

Download http-screenshot-html version 1.1 from Google Code

It works like the previous script.  For a full explanation of all of the script arguments, see the previous post.  It still needs wkhtmltoimage, so go download that.  The script can be called without arguments and it will output all screenshots to the current directory and the HTML to a file called screenshot.html.

nmap --script=http-screenshot-html -p 80,443,8085,10000

Let me know what you think of the script.

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